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Welcome to SounDesign!

Why “SounDesign?”  Two reasons.  First, we design high quality audio speakers around YOU and your preferences.  Secondly, and more importantly, we design robust quality audio-visual entertainment systems that will stand the test of time and do so cost-effectively.

Born out of a passion for music and its realistic and accurate reproduction SounDesign was created.  SounDesign is a custom audio and visual services organization specializing in the design and fabrication of custom audio speakers and home theaters specifically tailored to your listening and viewing requirements.  We take into account the specific types of music and video content you enjoy most and the configuration of the room in which the speakers and equipment will reside.  But we don’t stop there.

Audio speaker cabinets/boxes are typically fabricated from MDF (medium density fiberboard) because it is inexpensive, expands and contracts very little with temperature and humidity excursions, finally it does not absorb acoustic energy as much as natural wood does.  That being said, we strive to make our speakers stunning and artistic pieces of the furniture in the room, not simple boxes that look after-thoughts out of place.   We typically wrap the speakers with high quality wood veneer then carefully finish with quality stains, dyes and varnish or lacquer.  We collaborate with you to determine the shape, color,  species of wood and the finish that complements your style and the room.  We tailor the visual design of speakers to harmonize with your environment.  Whether simple high quality bookshelf speakers to sculpted freestanding units, our custom speakers are designed to move both heart and mind.

If a home theatre is in your plans, we can design themed home theaters around your favorite genre or to match the style of your home.  Classic to Scifi, Action to Love Story, our designs will wow you with your dream home theatre that can include amphitheater-style arrangement of large overstuffed recliners atop a low-frequency effect transducer bass shaker for those earthquake scenes.  Other acoutraments might include LED back-lit acoustic abatement panels to exclude external noise, artwork and its perfect  illumination, and multiple accent lighting options.  Let’s not forget to complete the experience with theatre accouterments such popcorn machine, wine fridge, wet/snack bar, custom upholstered sound panels and whatever else your imagination can conjure up.  There are many details to consider and we will assist you in the design process so that nothing is missed that would increase the amount of joy and satisfaction of your experience.

Again, we don’t stop there.  We understand that light should complement sound. Since light plays an important role in establishing the environment that will complement your listening and viewing pleasure, we design custom energy-efficient LED lighting that will serve as the foundation for illumination of your overall experience.  Regardless of whether you prefer soft jazz, hard rock, classical or big band, we will trim out the room with anything from small lampstands to trimmed-out embedded LED crown molding.  All our larger lighting options can be adjustable via a remote control.

The designer is David Hall.  Using his electronics, manufacturing and woodworking experience David blends science, technology, art and craftsmanship into creating unique speaker designs for your listening enjoyment.  Projects typically start with conceptual sketches subsequently turned into CAD drawings and schematics.  After a customer accepts the design and the budget, patterns are generated, wood and materials are ordered, then the fun begins.  You are regularly updated on the status of your project and scheduled for the date of shipment and/or installation.

Your listening room or home theatre will not only become your favorite family room in the house, but will also increase the value of your home go to Home Theater Advantages for more information on reasons for your personal home theatre.

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